Carl Zeiss Meditec – BLUEMIXS 180 Injector

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG commissioned ANIMA RES to create a photo-realistic 3D product visualisation in the field of micro-incision surgery (MICS). The task was to showcase the BLUEMIXS® 180 Injector for Preloaded MICS IOL in a high-quality manner. Its excellent properties in terms of simple and safe implementation performance were specially developed for an implantation by a 1.8 mm micro-incision. It offers protection for the preloaded IOL, a controlled visco injection, and astigmatism-neutral OP with rapid vision rehabilitation.



“We asked ANIMA RES to create within a short period of time an outstanding animation which should support the product launch of BLUEMIXS, the ZEISS preloaded MICS injector. From briefing to final release ANIMA RES kept the promised timelines. The cowork was very professional and fruitful as ANIMA RES shared with us their experience in terms of 3D animation. Our sales representatives are using now the animation on a regular basis to introduce the product to our customers and to train the OR staff. We are looking forward for the next projects with ANIMA RES and we can recommend this company to you.”


Tobias Lehner, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Product Manager

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