INSIGHT PROSTATE – The human prostate expedition

INSIGHT PROSTATE is designed to increase the understanding and education of patients and their families about prostate cancer and to enrich the exchange between healthcare professionals and patients.


INSIGHT PROSTATE was developed to provide a comprehensive explanation of prostate cancer, from the anatomy of the prostate and the disease itself to diagnostic methods and treatment options, in both German and English. It is intended to contribute to improved doctor-patient interaction and improved cooperation in the healthcare system.


The initiative is based on a survey that looked at the needs of doctors with regard to the organization of the healthcare system and medical practice. It became clear that doctors want targeted digital tools for patient education that support them in their medical practice.


INSIGHT PROSTATE is a direct response to this demand and is intended to help improve the exchange between patients, relatives and doctors in relation to prostate cancer.


Patients and relatives can use the app for well-founded information and education, as the handling is very visual, intuitive and easy to understand, and thus play a greater role in treatment decisions.


In addition to patients and relatives, the INSIGHT PROSTATE app also offers an important educational resource for medical students and future urologists in their specialist training. It provides a detailed and interactive overview of the anatomy of the prostate and the stages of prostate cancer.


With the help of ARKit, INSIGHT PROSTATE allows users to easily scan their physical environment and place the three-dimensional prostate. Our virtual assistant ANI guides you through the different states of the prostate.


Embark on a journey through the prostate, from macroscopic to microscopic anatomy, and explore the structures of the prostate in unprecedented detail.


In addition to the anatomically correct representations, INSIGHT PROSTATE has also visualized pathological changes and made them understandable.


This is the first time INSIGHT PROSTATE has attempted to visualize these rare kidney diseases with anatomically correct 3D representations in order to close the knowledge gap for patients.


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